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Hey y’all I thought this post went up on the blog but I guess it didn’t….sorrry guys. So I think the title of this post says it all. You know your girl a “forever summer girl” but with this fickle New York weather its nice to have glimpses of really nice days.

Strolling through a lovely park in Lower Manhattan an feeling like Tinker Belle. IF only I found my Peter pan? jk? Years ago I would’ve never worn a dress like this-mostsy because the back is completely open and wearing something thats exposed has never been my cup of tea but I’ve realized that lives too short not to wear the a “just because of the its back”. So great lesson learned is jut do what you bloody want and wear what you want.


What I’m Wearing:                                                                                                                                                                         Dress: Urban Outfitters// Shoes: Nordstrom Rack ( Steve Madden)

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Tinker Belle Bun in action

urban outfitters dress

Open Back Newbie but plan on wearing much more

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fairytale world

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twirl worthy dress

Shoes to die for!! And legs that go with it!!

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nordstrom styletop: Nordstrom Rack (SIMILAR) ( HERE) HERE)//Pants: Jcrew // Shoes: Reebok // long Sleeve: Nordstrom Rack

If I was a spice girl I would be sporty Spice…… Feeling very extra so I got my Reebok shoes during fashion Week with my work and I am just obsessed with them! They are so comfortable, and absolutely adorable, and of course I just can’t help but wear them no-stop.

I know this combination is a little different and not one you see too much on the blog but I love the sporty look with  a cute addition to it. These chinos are actually more so work pants but somehow the combo works well together, its a very easy and on the go outfit that you can dress up or dress down.


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Jeans: Nordstrom Rack (jolt brand:) // top: Kohls //jacket: vintage Levi’s //shoes: vintage adidas originals // Bag: Madewell 

One thing I can’t get enough of is New York flowers. you pass the grocery stores and BAM flowers on the street, you pass a bodega and BAM flowers, you honestly just can’t help but one to buy every single of them. HI guys long time no- see right? Well ya girls back and better than ever with an even cooler looking blog. Yep I designed and it all by myself which is why it took me a while to get it all up and moving’.so you like the new blog layout?

So let me catch you guys up on my life………so now I’ve been living in New York about 5 months and let me tell you its no walk in central park. Its been a harder adjustment than I thought it would be but have no worries since moving here I’ve met some lovely people and found my way around so at least I’ve got that going for me. I’ve been working in fashion but at the same time Ive also been going to auditions and castings on the side because besides fashion, a love of mine since I’ve been little has been to be an actress and singer: and I decide that I’m in the perfect city to get that dream started and Im not yet ready to give up on those dreams. I think things are starting to pay off for me too because your girl just landed a part in a movie; its called a prayer for justice; so excited for everyone to see it.

But just like flowers things take time to grow and bloom. So follow you dreams-not people and eventually things will align and you’ll be in the right place and right time.


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Outfit details:

Swimsuit: Tj MAxx (Michael Kors)// Top: Anthropologie// Hat: Anthropologie//

Im sad to say but this is the first beach day of the summer, its the first time I’ve been in a bathing suit all summer long. This island girl is usually a fish out of water when the sunshine and warm season come around but this summer came around and I didn’t much of a chance to get in the water because of my big move to New York. Since I didn’t have much of a chance to dip my toes into the water but a couple weeks I went to Jones Beach  with my mogull family( New York Family), amazing group of friends I made since moving to New York.

Ladies you know what conversation me must have right? Body Positivity!

I’ve NEVER felt comfortable in my body, having been petite my entire life and being busty is kind’ve a weird combination but honestly it took me years to get semi comfortable in my own body. And each Year when its the season of suits, I almost dread it and I hate that feeling. First and fore most because I love swimming and being in the water, secondly I hate feeling uncomfortable about my body and feeling like Im beautiful and fitting enough to rock a suit or even have a body. But Ya’ll Im here to tell you it all starts with positivity, BODY POSITIVITY that is. Love the body your in and DON”T think twice about what others think about your body or you.


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black swimsuit

lets choose love

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off shoulder top

Outfit details:

Top: Rebellion ( TJ Maxx)// Jeans: Free People// Sunglasses: Friends // Shoes: (thrifted) Ralph Lauren

With everything going on in the world no its so hard not to feel all kinds of way; angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed, and even depressed. So………………….

Let me invite you for a hot steaming cup of reality. People are saying since 2014 there have been protest for racial injustice. People have hit the streets in protesting, chanting slogans and fervidly begging for their rights, and also in most of these situations there are armed forces that are fully equipped with full force; and they themselves engaged and clash with protestors by making violent arrest. But this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia things were a little bit different . We all saw extremely passionate protestors take to the streets, most of them were chanting and clearly standing up for their rights. but the police force was on a completely different level, they came in riot gear. Like SERIOUSLY!!!

The majority of people that gathered are white supremacists and nationalists fighting to to try to attain symbols ad social impact of white supremacy. There are such horrible circumstance surrounding these topics but this is the reality. Most people think that this is just started happening but the truth is all these horrible groups of people who have such hatred for others who look different have always been a part of reality; the media may not have vocalized them but the existent of them have ALWAYS been there.

Honestly there are no words for how I feel besides VERY ANGRY. Im tired of feeling this way, I’m tired of feeling like I have no say and that my opinions and how I feel doesn’t matter. Im sure a lot of people as well feel the exact same way . But I think what we can do is to continuing to stand for our rights and not letting hatred win. Love is more powerful than hate so lets send out all the positivity and love out there.


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