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When you just can’t stop dancing!!

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Disco Queen!!

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Outfit Detail:

Shirt://Topshop similar (HERE) (HERE)   Jeans:// Free People (Nordstrom Rack)  bag:// TJ Maxx

With the state of national affairs at the moment, things are feeling a bit blue, grey, an black: practically all the colors that resemble darkness.Despite the horrible results of the election, I am determined to stay positive and fight a little fire with fire. This reality makes the  future seams uneasy, it makes me angry, feel like the voice we have isn’t beening heard, and the only hope left is in a sense of togetherness with people who understand the same hope you have for the future.

I know this is more of a summery outfit but I adore this look! Beside it reminding me of the warm filled air, and  sunny skies; its just really nice to get some color. Guys I’ve been incredibly busy as of late and everything seems to be entrapping me; I’m feeling a bit like a butterfly wanting to fly away. But I told you guys I am very determined to not be down about things, so for now I will dance like no other! And leave my worries behind!! Even though there’s no music playing-I think I will continue to have a non-stop dance party!

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