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The Refresher




Lately my beauty routine has shifted, I thinks as girls our beauty routines change constantly overtime and are each different because not everyone’s the same or has the same skin tone. Skin care is so important but especially important during the winter. As the weather gets colder outside, our skin tends to get dry-at least my does. Which is where Biossance face wipes comes in.  Make up can be so harsh and heavy on your face and how many times have ladies just gone straight to bed with all our makeup on (I’m so guilty of this). But with Biossance its so easier than ever get all that makeup off. Just use Biossance by wiping your face and voila, literally no fuss; its so easy. The refresher wipes  gently removes makeup and impurities without leaving skin tight or dry using an all-natural blend of antioxidants. Cloths are biodegradable. It is ideal for all skin types even sensitive skin.  Mineral oil-free. So its not only great at removing make-up but also great for your skin.


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