winter coat style

fashion blogger winter essentials

fashion blogger winter style

Outfit Detail:

Coat: Urban Outfitters // Beanie: American Eagle

I’ve been hibernating since the start of winter and its only now that the hibernating has intensified.  I’m sure you guys have seen my favorite teddy bear faux fur coat a couple years ago, and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. Winter slumps aren’t great, you feel cold all the time and it weather makes it a bit harder to find some fun. So During the winter you’ve got to find some activities that don’t keep you from sleeping all day. some of my favorite activities during this time is ice skating, sledding, taking a trip to a warmer place, throw a party(maybe a theme one), and most of all find something that interest you.


fashion blogger faux fur coat

fashion blogger winter style

american eagle beanie

fashion blogger winter style

american eagle beanie style