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Top: Rebellion ( TJ Maxx)// Jeans: Free People// Sunglasses: Friends // Shoes: (thrifted) Ralph Lauren

With everything going on in the world no its so hard not to feel all kinds of way; angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed, and even depressed. So………………….

Let me invite you for a hot steaming cup of reality. People are saying since 2014 there have been protest for racial injustice. People have hit the streets in protesting, chanting slogans and fervidly begging for their rights, and also in most of these situations there are armed forces that are fully equipped with full force; and they themselves engaged and clash with protestors by making violent arrest. But this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia things were a little bit different . We all saw extremely passionate protestors take to the streets, most of them were chanting and clearly standing up for their rights. but the police force was on a completely different level, they came in riot gear. Like SERIOUSLY!!!

The majority of people that gathered are white supremacists and nationalists fighting to to try to attain symbols ad social impact of white supremacy. There are such horrible circumstance surrounding these topics but this is the reality. Most people think that this is just started happening but the truth is all these horrible groups of people who have such hatred for others who look different have always been a part of reality; the media may not have vocalized them but the existent of them have ALWAYS been there.

Honestly there are no words for how I feel besides VERY ANGRY. Im tired of feeling this way, I’m tired of feeling like I have no say and that my opinions and how I feel doesn’t matter. Im sure a lot of people as well feel the exact same way . But I think what we can do is to continuing to stand for our rights and not letting hatred win. Love is more powerful than hate so lets send out all the positivity and love out there.


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