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sporty style

reach for the sky style

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nordstrom rack style

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purple pants

nordstrom rack style











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nordstrom styletop: Nordstrom Rack (SIMILAR) ( HERE) HERE)//Pants: Jcrew // Shoes: Reebok // long Sleeve: Nordstrom Rack

If I was a spice girl I would be sporty Spice…… Feeling very extra so I got my Reebok shoes during fashion Week with my work and I am just obsessed with them! They are so comfortable, and absolutely adorable, and of course I just can’t help but wear them no-stop.

I know this combination is a little different and not one you see too much on the blog but I love the sporty look with  a cute addition to it. These chinos are actually more so work pants but somehow the combo works well together, its a very easy and on the go outfit that you can dress up or dress down.