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September 20, 2016

summer sunshine fashion style

yellow flower style

flower blogger style

Outfit Details:// Shirt:Tj Maxx  // Shorts:thrifted

Embracing the last reminder of sunshine and trying to hold it for quite some time. I know its already September and too soon it will be October but I’m just not ready to let go of the warmth, flowers and never ending sunshine.  Us summer girls don’t give up summer too easily. Its the core of what makes us who we are, and its not something that goes away so easily. One thing I love in the summertime is wild flowers, going on adventures and just wandering in fields of beautiful flowers, that show rays of sunshine. And these are the last reminder of wildflowers, and the flowers represent sunshine and to me that’s essentially saying goodbye to the sunny rays.

flowers fashion style

sunny hair braids

onw with flowes

wildflower fashion style

fashion blogger yellow daisies

Photography by Alex Conway


Back to school: Smarty Pants

September 12, 2016

smarty pants style

back to school hall twirls

back to school fashion style

Outfit Details:// Dress: Forever21 (vintage) // glasses: Urban Outfitters /similar HERE/

This post is for all you nerds out there or just people who gets called nerd because you stay so focused on school and homework that you may not make time for extra activities such as sports, an even bigger group of friends, and maybe school gatherings or outside of school gatherings. Listen and listen closely because the truth is you can have all those things. You may just be in school and you may be young but the truth is you can study all you want and still have a social life.

Honestly I would consider myself and my group of friends in High school somewhat of nerd but the cool nerds because we’re all smart and got good grades, were friends with all different groups at school, were involved in activities in and outside of school. So you really can have it all you don’t have stick solely to yourself and your homework. School is where you get to find out your favorite things and your least favorite things, its where you really get to find out you are and who you want to be. School is where you meet people and the type of people you want to be surrounded by and hopefully you’ll find those that you get to keep as friends for the rest of your life. It does happen because I meant group of friends that I get to call my family and friends for life and out of those amazing people four of them happen to be my very best friends.

The advice I have for you guys is to be yourself and stay true to who you are. Stay focused on your school work but also stay focused on your future because it determine the type of person you will be become. But while your focused on your life make sure to have some adventures along the way, break the rules just a bit, and meet some incredible people who will change your life for the better good.

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urban outfitters glasses

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school library nerd

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back school nerd alert


Summer Green

August 23, 2016


summer green style

green vines fashion style

kate spade green dress

Oufit Details:// Dress: Kate Spade// bag: Tj Maxx//

The color Green is the essential color of summer….Green is the color of life and practically breaths lyfe (not life but lyfe).
Green is here and it’s here to stay. This color trend I’ve had my eye on for a while now and with summer, its a color that last all season long. I bought this dress at Nordstrom Rack and realized it was a Kate Spade dress, I also realized I don’t own any Kate Spade attire but now I certainly do because this dress is definitely one to make a statement in. I absolutely loved the unique cut, satin finish and of course the color, and floral patterns. I was a little hesitant when I initially tried this dress on because its also a bit prim and proper and more of a business attire  but once I tried it on I loved the fit, the open back with a bow at the top neck helped balance the dress out and I decided to take a more retro approach by pairing my midi block wedge heels and this grey hadbag. This is definitely a dress I can edge up with a leather jacket or dress up with a taller more strappy heel.

fashion blogger green dress

green style fashion

playing hide and seek

Playing hide and Seek

kate spade dress


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green dress style

fashion blogger green adventures

summer green style

green fashion life

school’s Out

June 28, 2015




IMG_2192Hoping to do some really cool DIY to this bag soon! so stay tune.















Outfit Details:
Sweater: moms closet
Pants: Target (mossimo brand)
Jacket: Levi
Backpack: Aero

Hi guys this post was suppose to go up last week but due to personal problems I haven’t been able to keep up my hand of the bargain which is being stable and having my content stay fresh and current for you guys. So time for an update.. Lots of things happening some good but some bad too. So most current school is out, and my mood has sure lifted. The only down side to is that I have three weeks of break instead of usual summer breaks being for months: but it sure feels good to have a break and time to actually think to myself. Woot! Woot! School is Out-Im just so happy I just can’t hide it. You guys might be wondering why my school ends so late and have such a short summer break? Well I go to the Art Institute of Indy and the art school doesn’t have semesters instead its almost like a year around school where we have four quarters; which are in eleven weeks of classes and all classes about four and half hours long. As much as I’m glad that I go to art school, school can get a bit much and beyond super repetitive. Sometime I feel like I want to take a gap year and just travel the world but at the same time I don’t want to spend my whole life in school but so far Ive had enough schooling to last me a lifetime.I’m an artist I need to be out enjoying my life and truly getting to live my life the way I want to live it.As Henry David Thoreau said “this world is but a canvas to our imagination”. Yes indeed it is and I am sooooooooooo ready for the worldly adventures that await me.

what time is it? Summertime, its our vacation. What time is it? Party time, That’s right, say it loud.-HSM

Love, Killy

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