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Outfit Details:

Top:  // Jeans: Old Navy// Earrings: T JMaxx

Hey guys I know its a while. Hows it going? Well me its fantastic, scary and nervous all at the same time; Lots of good news and big on happen and not eh horizon but I ‘ll tell tell you all about towards the end the of the week make sure to watch out that Big O’l news ( you won’t want to miss it). So with the weather in its fickle moods I can’t help but head on outside and pretend that its already spring. So I found a day that was mild and went outside au Natural and just went with it. A lot of these photo’s were shot by my lovely niece.  i just wanted to let free and let loose and let it all go. Being in my own skin and just feeling beautiful


fashion blogger mustard top

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spring fashion styleOutfit Detail:

Dress: Altar’d State // tights: target // Boots: Frye Company

One things for sure is that Spring is on the horizon and Im not complaining! No sir, No ma’m! I just love spring time! Everybody is talking about that feeling of gaining that first spring back into one’s step around this time of the year. When the weather shifts, and all of a sudden hope seems to be popping up out of every hidden corner. The sun, the warmth, a feeling of something brand new. The energy changes and all of a sudden we are shaken up in a way different than when we were ringing in the new year with expectations of all sorts just two months ago. Honestly my mood’s brighter, I love picking out my clothes and putting an outfit together just to be able to fit with the weather, and I love seeing the buds on the bushes and trees because its that sign that winter is no more and things really maybe looking up. Its almost like shedding layers of skin because your getting rid of all the heavy layers and getting ready for lighter, fresh and new ones; and let me tell you it feels good. And now here we are, spring’s around the corner, and some of those expectations have arise; there seems to be no reason to skip a step or lose a beat. A favorite thing about spring besides the weather is the shopping! Let me tell you guys this is the time I love to shop for winter items because thats when you can find some really great pieces at sale price that you will be able to wear the coming winter.

Im so obsessed with this sweater dress from Alatr’d State that I also bought it in a dark blue. Its absolutely perfect for those lighter weather days, but its heavy enough for those colder days. And my favorite way that I have style this dress so far is belting it, with this vintage belt.


fashion blogger spring style

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fashion blogger spring style

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fashion blogger spring style

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biossance skin care

The Refresher




Lately my beauty routine has shifted, I thinks as girls our beauty routines change constantly overtime and are each different because not everyone’s the same or has the same skin tone. Skin care is so important but especially important during the winter. As the weather gets colder outside, our skin tends to get dry-at least my does. Which is where Biossance face wipes comes in.  Make up can be so harsh and heavy on your face and how many times have ladies just gone straight to bed with all our makeup on (I’m so guilty of this). But with Biossance its so easier than ever get all that makeup off. Just use Biossance by wiping your face and voila, literally no fuss; its so easy. The refresher wipes  gently removes makeup and impurities without leaving skin tight or dry using an all-natural blend of antioxidants. Cloths are biodegradable. It is ideal for all skin types even sensitive skin.  Mineral oil-free. So its not only great at removing make-up but also great for your skin.


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Hello Everyone sorry for the arrival of this late post….I know you guys don’t see a lot of post like this here on the blog but things are about to change. You don’t see post like this on the blog because I am quite shy and very self- conscious about about my body that kind of thinking definitely needs to stop, and the love and embracing needs to began. Which is why I am collaborating with ThirdLove. For those who don’t know ThirdLove, they are a store that designs bra’s for real woman.

Here on Haitian Fashionista you guys see me style some cute outfits. But you can’t have a great styling outfit without a comfortable and great fitting bra underneath.  Sometimes I’ll be in my closet, looking in the mirror and thinking “everything is perfect except, I need the right bra.” Undergarments to me require a great brand with great quality, that need to be comfortable. I’ve tried so many strapless bra’s, bandeau’s, halter bra’s, and barrettes; that just don’t sit right, or ones that I’m constantly adjusting. If great fitting clothes are essential in putting together an outfit, isn’t a great fitting bra just as important? With the said, I think we all know this is a norm for all us woman , it may take some time to find that perfect fit.  No bra fidgeting woes! Especially as a woman with a bigger bust than the average, we need something that isn’t just going to be too big, too small, or just won’t fit in the right places. I’ve definitely been to a raging party in the perfect dress, only to find that my not-so-cute bra, with the straps slipping, the pulling and tucking, and the uncomfortable of it all makes you want to go the no-bra direction but not every clothing allows for that freedom.

If you read my blog then you know I can’t really be a no-bra type of girl, sometimes I have to give in for bra with just the right amount of support and coverage for certain pieces in my closet.The thing is, these are also two factors that make finding a bra that both doesn’t show and that fits properly impossible. No longer am I pulling down straps off my shoulder, No longer am I nip-slipping. No longer am I suffering from an awkward, in-between cup size that fits too small or too large. No longer am I pulling up a bra that slides down as the day goes on.

Some nights I need to go strapless, criss-cross, or halter, you just never know: it all depends on the weather and outfit. Who has times for readjusting messy looking straps on a first date . . . in on the dance floor, at date night, or a meeting  . . . on my way to a lunch meeting? Not me. Not I. I don’t like to waste a second..  There are just some clothes you have to wear a bra with! This one so comfortable, soft, and it NEVER slips down. That’s the beauty of it. My favorite brand of bra is Barely there. Its just soft enough, comfortable enough to wear you don’t have to do readjust yourself too much, that I love.  But having newly found thirdLove I think its time to try something new; and for all you fellow readers who have these bra tale of woes join in giving ThirdLove a try: you can use my PROMO code TL15BRABLEMSDEC off your purchase from ThirdLove.

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fashion blogger bra collab

Collaboration with Third Love but all words/opinion are my own

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When you just can’t stop dancing!!

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Disco Queen!!

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Outfit Detail:

Shirt://Topshop similar (HERE) (HERE)   Jeans:// Free People (Nordstrom Rack)  bag:// TJ Maxx

With the state of national affairs at the moment, things are feeling a bit blue, grey, an black: practically all the colors that resemble darkness.Despite the horrible results of the election, I am determined to stay positive and fight a little fire with fire. This reality makes the  future seams uneasy, it makes me angry, feel like the voice we have isn’t beening heard, and the only hope left is in a sense of togetherness with people who understand the same hope you have for the future.

I know this is more of a summery outfit but I adore this look! Beside it reminding me of the warm filled air, and  sunny skies; its just really nice to get some color. Guys I’ve been incredibly busy as of late and everything seems to be entrapping me; I’m feeling a bit like a butterfly wanting to fly away. But I told you guys I am very determined to not be down about things, so for now I will dance like no other! And leave my worries behind!! Even though there’s no music playing-I think I will continue to have a non-stop dance party!

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