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Outfit Details:// Dress: Eshati // Heels:Cole Haan  (Nordstrom Rack)

A couple weeks ago I got in contact with the team at Eshakti to work with them and I was just absolutely beyond filled with joy to get to collaborate with them, as this being my my second time collaborating with them. I’m a huge fan of Eshakti, . I am absolutely in love with this dress! For those of you who don’t know the brand Eshakti; well they are a brand that believes “that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best”, in fact that is basically their motto. Eshakti began as a website offering cute, basic, and modestly embellished pieces but they offer so much more than a regular website. Right when you enter their website at the very top you are able to register and when you register you can get a 30 dollar gift coupon towards your purchase, And something very importantly and unique about Eshakti is that they offer both style and fit customization for women size 0 through 36; which is where their motto comes in hand because they are all about woman of all shapes and sizes and that true beauty isn’t about a size 0, its about a staying true to yourselves and that no matter your size you are beautiful. I am absolutely in love with my floral pink and navy dress, it is absolutely super comfortable and the beauty of it is that you can dress it up or dress it down. But I decided to dress it bit on the dressy side with bright pink lips and these gorgeous heels, I literally felt like I was ready for a dinner date. The dress is originally a sleeveless maxi dress but because Eshakti is such a unique site you get to make your order to whatever your specific; like you can order something short sleeve, long sleeve make it or or the other or other it as a maxi, 3/4 length really whatever length you want it to be. So when you order your item you want to take into account your size( meaning height and dress size) and I ordered this floral print crepe surplice maxi dress with a a Three quarter length Sleeve Type. I loved the sleeveless but with fall coming I thought it to be the perfect early fall dress. Also don’t forget to use my code “Haitianfashionista” to get an exculively 10% OFF when you shop at Eshakti and that’s valid through the November 16.


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Yikes!! Pink Lips!

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When I originally put on this Bright pink Lipstick, all I think is Niki Minaj : Yikes, mostly because its so bright and soooo pink and real up in your face. But when I stop for one second and stop losing my cool and stop freaking out the color is perfection and looks amazing. Guys go outside your lip color norm! I promise it’ will be worth it and better yet you might even like the new color.

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Cole Haan Heels

This is actually my very first time wearing these Cole Haan heels, and they are soooooo cute!!

laugh till you cry

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Photography by Alex Conway

In Sponsorship with Eshakti! All words my own as usually!



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Outfit Details://Dress: thrift ( American Rag)// shirt: forever21// Shoes:theft (goodwill)// Bag: TJ Maxx// Earrings: Target

I love to get dressed up no matter what time of day, I think it’s just the feeling of being a GIRL! Hours in the bathroom with tons of make up product scattered all over the bathroom and huge piles of clothing everywhere after I’ve basically tried the entire content of my closet on. In this particular outfit I’m all sparkly eyed and earrings with even matchy-match heels with nowhere to go. Sometimes I do dress up even though I have nowhere to go, why you ask? Because simply I love fashion and I love the feeling that you get when wearing the perfect outfit.  Like this outfit I feel confident; Why, because I simply feel myself  in this outfit. I love mixing girly and boyish and this outfit is totally that, I have quite an obsession with bow ties (especially for woman, its just vey chic and it can give a girlish outfit some certain boyish charms. This outfit is showing you my cinderella side as well as my prince charming side….I mean why can’t you be both.

Now days I think woman get all dolled up for men. ( I DON’T THINK SO) NO NO… I mean yes when going on dates you want to look nice or just an evening out with your guy is great, I mean nothing wrong with that. But if that’s a big priority; just getting dressed for others ( especially a guy), then you really need to think that over. Because you shouldn’t be dressing for anyone but yourself. Ladies its all about that Self love!

The spunky and brilliant Betsey Johnson says ” Girls DO NOT  dress for boys. They dress for themselves and of course each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.” Amen! Preach it sister!

That may be true for some but the majority still seek approval and us powerful woman don’t need anyones approval but our own (maybe those close to us-but other than that none).

You guys All know by I’m a pretty huge hopeless romantic but at the same time I ‘m all about #GIRLPOWER! Sure its great to dream about finding your Prince charming (or How I like to say it-Prince Charmant) but you can’t just be dependent or reply on some guy to sustain you for the rest of your life. I think before your really able to be in the “IT” relationship you have to be your own Prince Charming and rescue yourself. And for me that’s all about staying true to who I am and that means my career comes first and if you find Charming along the way then great but never put aside your happiness for some guy. I’d much rather be happy and single then in some relationship and give up will of choice to choose where my actions are directed, and to be honest right now that’s exactly where I am in my life right now. Happily Single! staying focus on what really matters and trying to balance it all, while trying to maintain some semblance of a life. Staying Happy! Happily Grey!!


















IMG_6348I am such a Lipstick junkie. I’m looking through my make-up chest(that’s right, chest) and realized I had a giant tote bag of makeup I’ve collected this year. So many newly products: I have a corner for my usual everyday make-up, another for that perfect date night look with hints of sparkle( That perfect, sparkling gold makeup palettes//where he will not stop staring at you), and another for ton of scramble mixed up makeup. So I’ve been working on plenty more beauty content as of late, and I have to admit- it’s been a lot of fun! I know I’m no beauty expert, but I am pretty good makeup expert.  I only realized recently that I’ve never actually done a post about makeup- so here’s to my very first makeup post!

I am always on the prowl for the next best lipstick, and I’m already obsessed with the new Mac, NYX, Nars, and Bobbi brown.  But its always nice to discover new brands and I’m so glad Ive gotten the opportunity to discover Studio Gear Cosmetics , their products are so pucker-up worthy! This label amazes me, especially in the beauty department. Their new matte collection includes 6 different shades, which are so effortless, easy, and totally kissable. These lipsticks are 6 different shades of red and pink and flatters literally every skin color. It’s the fact that they’re made to have biddable color that has drawn me to this collection.

IMG_6798One thing I’ve learned over the years when it comes to make-up is: less is certainly more. Especially for us girls on the go. So I like to go light to the make with a thin cat eye, light rosy cheeks and super BOLD Lips?

For all the lips colors I line my lips with a favorite deep red pencil liner by Nyx and you can get this at any Ulta store.


Apply the Lipstick and get the the full richness amount that you want, then smack your lips together (making sure its even all around. And Voila!



true red2true red3Work those Lips! SMOOCHES!



True Mauve1true mauve2true mauve3This is what color is more like bubble Gum Pink! Yumm!





True Plum1true plum2IMG_6881Laugh and smile a lot it really brings out the lip color!



True Nude

true pink1true pink2IMG_6919

IMG_6968and Yes I know my eyes are HUGE (I get that a lot)IMG_6975TRUE MAGENTAtrue magenta1true magenta2I call this look the “Where’s Waldo” in this case Where’s Killy??? (pretending to be Waldo)




True Pink

telle1elle2elle3IMG_6847This color is truly Elle Woods worthy!




P.S: BE sure to check out my video on my YouTube channel showing you what I do to prepare my lips when wearing the 6 different shades

Miroslava Duma.:

Suits are no longer just for men anymore. Today, suits are becoming more and more popular with women which is why it should come as no surprise to you to see more of these in a workplace dominated by the ladies. However, the suit is not just for the office, at least not to the fashionista. The suit is a piece that you can wear just about anywhere. Here are some ideas on how to wear a suit street style.

neutral colors like black, brown and navy are great if you’re looking for a suit to wear to work but if you’re looking for something that you can wear to create a fabulous street style outfit, go for the bolder colors and the crazier hues. A suit in a fun color is always a great way to make a statement. It takes away the business side of the suit and gives it a more fun and playful vibe.

Miroslava Duma:

Miroslava Duma:

All the pretty things: HERE

I wanted to start a new style series here on Haitian Fashionista, its about my loves (True Loves), things and people that inspire me motivate me in the fashion world. My first EVER style crush series has to start with my ultimate style crush who holds such a dear place in my heart.  The truth is Style Crush: is a list of people who inspire my style or who’s blogs I enjoy reading or movies they star in that make you feel so e sort of way, a great way that things seem unreal but at the same time attainable to the point where things are possible. But today’s post isn’t about style crushes general, but style crush specific: Miroslava Duma. I’ve been following her and her climb up to being on of the biggest style stars around off-and-on for years. I’ve admired her bold styling choices, her use of color, and vintage inspiration, but more recently her dedication to ethical fashion is inspiring.

Miroslava Duma is a street style favorite of photographers I never get tired of seeing her pop-up all over the web. She’s a freelance fashion journalist and she stands out among the fashion crowd like no other. She is also known for her bold, colorful style but also her height–at just over 5 feet tall she’s definitely unique among the models and former-models-turned-writers/photographers one normally spots outside the tents or favored by street style photographers. Nearly every image I spot of her goes directly to my Pinterest board, I even have my very own board for her named Miroslava Duma…..My Fashionista ICON. She’s often in most up-and-coming brands, like Ostwald Helgason. Her petite frame also inspires me in so many ways because she can pull off just about any style of any decade but most of all she makes me think that my dreams and aspiration can really come true and not only that but it makes me think that I could change the fashion world by storm just like her! I’m also hoping that I could pull of similarly bold styles since both of us are petite framed. So to all the petite girls out there, we thank and LOVE you Miroslava Duma!!

with intense passion and adoration for my Style icon,


Miroslava Duma:

Miroslava Duma #bibleforfashion:

Check it HERE

Miroslava Duma:

A Date with Chanel: Miroslava Duma:

Check it out HERE

Miroslava Duma:

The daughter of a senator and a former editor at harper’s bazaar russia, mira is now a freelance writer for publications such as OK magazine russia, tatler, glamour russia, as well as the founder of buro 24/7, a fashion news website covering fashion, art, architecture, cinema, music and of course, style . .


Miroslava Duma:

Miroslava wowed street style photogs with this outfit on a balmy September day during New York Fashion Week. From her chunky accessories to her distressed denim, this look achieves near-perfect balance. For a more seasonal take, simply throw on a pair of tights and chic overcoat!

Shoppable Street Style: How To Recreate Russian It Girl Miroslava Duma’s Inspiring Looks

Even if you don’t know her name, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Miroslava Duma on countless street style blogs, likely alongside her BFF, and fellow Russian It girl Elena Perminova. Formerly a style editor for Russian Harper’s Bazaar, this pint-size fashion powerhouse catapulted to style stardom thanks to her unique, occasionally opulent, fashion sense and manages to continually impress us with her super-cool personal style. Known for mixing the most coveted of-the-moment items with surprising basics, such as Timberland boots and I Love New York hoodies, Miro’s also well-schooled in rocking vibrant patterns, contrasting textures, and serious statement jewelry.

Miroslava Duma:

Miroslava Duma invited their friends and colleagues to the private dinner at the Ralph Lauren boutique..

Love the colors/pattern on the jacket, especially how there are no center buttons/zips, but rather on the side. Seen here on Miroslava Duma:

Mira's voluminous Delpozo top and matching trousers. Paris #MiroslavaDuma:

Paris Street style looks: Here

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wearing a super cute high neckline dress: Here









Outfit Details://Dress: mason Jules// boots: Dolce Vita// Hat: Free Press  //bag: Little missed matched // Shoes: American Eagle

The days seem long but the months sure are short. One minute its Friday night and then in the blink of an eye it’s August! Oh you cruel, cruel world.  It was the best of summers. It was the worst of summers. But aren’t they all, with peaks and pits and fashion faux pas. That’s the fun of it.Let’s face it: Getting dressed during the dog days of summer can be quite a task. Between the heat and the desire to do a whole lot of nothing, fashion can often take a back seat from June to August.However, it is possible to look stylish and be comfortable during the summer, the trick is knowing how.lately I realized that I have become a total girl-girl in the summers but i love to wear dresses and even more dresses! Dresses are just very comfortable, easy-go with the flow which is pretty close to my personality. I was actually in Chicago at the huge Macy’s when I got this dress, It’s a Mason Jules brand dress and I had actually never really heard of the brand except when I heard Bonnie from Flashes of Style taking over their Instagram. But when I saw the dress I was immediately drawn to it, it has polka dots-what else does it need.

Anyways when I think of summer all I can think of is FUN, Fun fun. The summer is a magical time filled with endless possibilities. I want to spend most of my days on the beach chilling and relaxing with friends or just a simple day spent reading. I mostly find the summer as a time for making memories because I love spending it with the people I love the most. In summers you most go to parks, swim, hang with friends, laugh a ton, and I think most of all make memories. I don’t how you guys like spending your summers? let me know!

With Love,