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Beanie: HM

First Beanie of the season usually means some serious weather change.Every year, around this time of year I will feel the exact same way as the last. And boy has that been true; the weather has been a bit finicky sometimes the temperature will be below 30’s and then its in the 50’s; who knows with this weather. Lately, the days have been slipping away sooner and sooner. Minutes seem to disappear within the time it takes to blink an eye. So I am trying to soak as much of the 50 degree weather days that I can. Weather I’m wearing a beanie or just a warm sweater the season of death is upon us. I’m actually still wearing some of my favorite beanies from last year and I’m hoping to pick some cute new ones out.I have found some adorable ones over on HM, some over on Free People, and some at Asos.  So grab all your warm gear and especially beanie for the up coming brutal cold winter that is ahead.

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When you just can’t stop dancing!!

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Disco Queen!!

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Shirt://Topshop similar (HERE) (HERE)   Jeans:// Free People (Nordstrom Rack)  bag:// TJ Maxx

With the state of national affairs at the moment, things are feeling a bit blue, grey, an black: practically all the colors that resemble darkness.Despite the horrible results of the election, I am determined to stay positive and fight a little fire with fire. This reality makes the  future seams uneasy, it makes me angry, feel like the voice we have isn’t beening heard, and the only hope left is in a sense of togetherness with people who understand the same hope you have for the future.

I know this is more of a summery outfit but I adore this look! Beside it reminding me of the warm filled air, and  sunny skies; its just really nice to get some color. Guys I’ve been incredibly busy as of late and everything seems to be entrapping me; I’m feeling a bit like a butterfly wanting to fly away. But I told you guys I am very determined to not be down about things, so for now I will dance like no other! And leave my worries behind!! Even though there’s no music playing-I think I will continue to have a non-stop dance party!

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free people flare jeans

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fashion blogger free people jeans

fashion blogger topshop

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somewhere dreaming

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sheinside jacket

fashion blogger tutu styleOutfit Details:

Dress: Francesca’s ( but I killyized it by added tulle) // Jacket: Sheinside// beanie: HM

Roses are red, fall is orange and I love this sheinside jacket!  Oh babes I can’t believe its November already, turn my head, twirled several times and poof:  there you have it the season is upon us. How does that happen? since the season is upon us the weather itself has made a turn for the worst, which means its time to whip out the first beanie of the season. The fall colors are staying orange and losing the red out of it and now Im trying to bring the red in it. keeping it classic with a black beanie and of course I suddenly turn into a skater girl. And of course if you know me it involves me wearing tulle, Lots and LOTS of tulle!

red balloon style

falling for fall style

fall red style

fall beanie style

fall fashion style

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sheinside fall style


fashion blogger flower power

Live, Laugh, Love fully to your hearts desire!

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yellow daisy look

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Dress: Plats Closet ( vintage  brand) Similar (HERE) (HERE)// Hat: Nordstrom Rack (HERE) (HERE)

“If you hold back on the emotions–if you don’t allow yourself to go all the way through them–you can never get to being detached, you’re too busy being afraid. You’re afraid of the pain, you’re afraid of the grief. You’re afraid of the vulnerability that loving entails. But by throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to dive in, all the way, over your heard even, you experience them fully and completely.”
― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

This is like a field of dreams! My exact fantasies, of running wild and feeling completely free in a field. My photographer and friend Alex and I were lucky enough to catch some magic moments in our favorite area for photo’s. In a scenery like this one I truly do feel like myself the most. It feels simple, yet incomplete, able to reach for freedom within my grasp, yet not fully able to attained it.

I’ve always been someone that kept practically everything to herself, whether its my feelings, things that happened, or memories. I’ve always been skeptical of people, hard to trust and let my guard down  Having been little and having had gone through several tragedies in my life, I lost two very important people in my life; two people that are are the up most important in a child’s life. After losing those people, an just growing up the way I did,  it made me shy and made me keep things to myself and I think a bit scared of meeting new people and new experiences. I kept to myself because I was scared, Not because those things truly scared me but because I was afraid of having to lose those people and those experiences all over again and just the thought of having to go through that pain all over again and again was not something I was interested in.  I never really been good at letting new people into my life especially those that I don’t immediately click with because allowing others to get close to you, is to share your life and experiences with them and everything else that comes with that. And once that persons in your life: trust,  honest, and love all come with that. And lets be honest that is such thing as reality and people DON’T ALWAYS live up to our exceptions no matter how much we want them to, and so they end up letting us down and make us feel unsatisfactory. Which is why one of my motto’s is “expect the Unexpected” just don’t expect anything from anyone then when they show up empty handed and defiantly not up to the standard that you expected, that way your not disappointed or wreck with fury.  Having been through the things I went through as a child and being let down enough in life my trust is absolutely NOT something I freely give, so when you have it, you better hold on to it and never let it go because the truth is if you lose it; I’m not giving you or passing another one out.

So slowly, very slowly It took awhile and I started letting go of things, I started letting myself feels things and very slowly I started to become the person I hoped my parents wanted me to be. Even though I was dealt those certain hands from the beginning of life, terrible with lost of heartache, and pain there was also love, lots of love and I’m not big on “things happen for a reason” kind’ve person but in the instance I truly believe that everything horrible that happened to me was for the greater good I may not have been able to see the bigger picture then but it’s turned me into someone I would never have become if those experiences had never had to me. So I do, I truly thank god for those precious moments. I meant amazing people and have had incredible experiences.  I’m not the best socializer or they best at letting go or getting close to others, but I’m still learning and getting better at it and I think its something that I will take me the rest of my life. The truth is, I think were all a little broken and its all right I’m learning to pick up the pieces, go with the flow and along the way enjoying the ride and that is what I think truly matters.

“Don’t bother trying to explain your emotions. Live everything as intensely as you can and keep whatever you felt as a gift from God. The best way to destroy the bridge between the visible and invisible is by trying to explain your emotions.”
― Paulo Coelho, Brida

A string of all the moments, all the torments, all the tears, all the heartache, all the laughs, all the accomplishments, all the failures, all the bright lights that touched us . . . those of the past, those of the present and those that maybe will or will not come to us in the future. The twists and turns of moments that develop into something greater than what is just the moment. A story that goes beyond our physical being for it is connected to everything we touch, and even those events and people we didn’t even notice. A bigger picture. The moments that seem insignificant, or negative or harsh or just simply random and small, they are all pieces of the puzzle, too, and that are meant to be cherished. Because no good, worthwhile moment can be as good or worthwhile without having a component to balance it out with. It’s the bigger picture and the bigger perspective. Great things don’t just come from happy moments, it comes from the understanding that the linking of all our moments in our lives creates something unique and purposeful. In this way, life isn’t being measured exactly, but it is being felt. From the beginning to end. No pieces left out. Each one existing directly because of the one before it and the one that may be soon to come. So enjoy and decide to feel and cherish every moment because you never know, you just never know!

fly like a butterfly float in fields

time to smell the flowers

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Field of Dreams

sending all my love haitian fashionista

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Twirl girl style

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!!

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Field of fashion style

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fashion blogger fall style

Another week has almost been and gone by and my goodness how quick time is a flying. I simply feel like time is non-existent to the point of how fast its past us, can you believe we’re already practically half way through October!? My goodness gracious thees months go by quickly! and way too soon it will be Christmas.

Now Autumn is here… Well kind of here, I’m also completely awestruck at how light autumn started with still a bunch of warm weather that it felt like there was still a bit warmth of summer leftover.  Been Waking up each and every day to the most beautiful sunshine, and when you go outside you can see an ray of leaf colors.

Despite kicking off Autumn, it’s that time of year that spurts different activities. Fun ones and ones that you couldn’t do in summer!

I love to do some things during the fall season and some of those things include:

Some fall favorites at the moment are….

  1. Cider Donuts
  2. pumpkin patches
  3. apple cider
  4. apple orchards
  5. shopping for fall items
  6. favorite clothing item during fall: Flare pants
  7. leaf pile
  8. apple picking
  9. pumpkin and apple pie ice cream flavor! Yummy!
  10.  heavier

fashion blogger fall fashion style